Our goal with this website is to create a positive atmosphere where Residents can address their concerns while supporting and promoting the Clean Up efforts that have already been started. Madison Heights Clean Up has been the driving force to keep the momentum in the clean up with city officials, Michigan EGLE (formerly MDEQ), the U.S. EPA, and other government agencies.

Madison Heights is unique in its' community that although different opinions arise it has been and continues to be a place where ideas are shared, plans are made and follow through is the pattern. As we have a new objective here in our home town, city officials and residents will bring a new model for a process that will be fitting for any city to use administratively and to support and help small businesses thrive in this interesting age of technology where solutions are ready for discovery.

Madison Heights Clean Up is looking forward to helping create solutions and energize others to join in to help with this important endeavor.

We are a repository for all public documentation and more on Gary Sayers and Electro-Plating Services, Inc. and it's toxic contamination in Madison Heights, Michigan and surrounding areas.

Residents have come together to create one place for public access for documentation, reports, media interviews and press releases.

Join the conversation on FaceBook our community page to bring your ideas and solutions for a better way.

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